Wednesday, December 16, 2015

*REVIEW* Sophia's Concession Stand

I bought Sophia's concession stand on Zulily.

I didn't realize it did not come assembled. My family put it together for me. I do not like the visible holes and screws.

For food, I added the Queen's Treasures Baking Beauties Accessory Kit sold under the Nicole Kids name.

The Queen's Treasures' set is wonderful.

4 treat boxes, too.

Hard to get the doll to sit upright.


  1. I save the clear plastic twist ties for just this occasion (sitting!)

    Looks great!

    I agree about the visible screws :(

  2. Great idea about the plastic ties! I was really surprised it came that way. Madelon

  3. I love the snack stand because of it's versatility. It's currently doing duty as a double desk in my boyz' home school classroom. Their notebooks cover the holes nicely.

    I just took some white paint (for metal) and painted the heads of the screws to make them less obvious.