Thursday, December 3, 2015

*REVIEW* Justice Outfit, Callie Cat and Pet Bed

Here is a review of the Justice pet and bed. Caroline brings home Callie.

Caroline wears a new Justice outfit it really fits nicely.

The boots are zippered.

The pets are adorable this is Callie the cat.

Callie jumps into Caroline's lap.

A lick from Callie.

Lilia plays with Callie.

Callie loves to play.

Time to rest


  1. Cute, Diana! How much is the outfit, if you remember? Madelon

  2. That outfit is cute! Have you had problems with dye transfer from the Justice outfits? I bought a pair of the Christmas pjs and wondered if I should wash them first because of the red dye. Thanks, Niki

    1. I would wash any outfit that was red navy or black

    2. Thanks! - Niki

  3. Hi Madelon, I got it on sale around $20.

    Hi Niki, so far no problems but I do not leave anything with red on dolls for very long. yes wash them by hand using mild soap and then drip dry. do not iron them or your image may disappear.


    1. Thanks Diana! I am always leery of non AG clothes but had to buy my daughter the pj set. I hesitated with the Dance hoodie/ pant set I saw at Justice. We had an incident with Saige and my daughter's black sheets but think that the outfits there are so cute! I am glad to hear they fit and are a trendy alternative. Niki

  4. Thanks, Diana! Madelon