Sunday, December 13, 2015

*Reader Photos* Meet Up AGP Houston

A LADL Fan and Her Original Felicity Merriman she is over 20 year old. She was so beautiful and her Garment was amazing and stunning in every way. 

A gift to Me from LADL Fan an Original Vintage Christmas American Girl Doll Outfit.
My Daughter was so amazed at how happy giving and meeting new people felt. 



  1. Looks like a great time! I love going into AG stores. There's something so sweet seeing a girl(or boy) with their doll. Kids today grow up too fast and I love that AG encourages "older" kids to still be kids!

  2. Omg I need one of those doll buggies lol

  3. I saw one at Goodwill this year. The name on it sounded British. I almost bought it, only 7 or 10 dollars, but had nowhere to put it.

  4. That is so great that you could all meet up! You look like you had lots of fun! Hope you have more meet ups in the future. Getting together with other collectors is the best! ~ Maria B.

  5. Hello to Dani from Katy a Beautiful and wonderful LADLfor coming out and Hello to @agwithsprinkles from Instagram who if also a fan and follower of LADL. We all had a grand time and will meet up again 1-1-16 and on My Birthday Friday March 18 at American Girl Doll Place Houston. Comr out and join Us. My favorite part was the sharing and giving. My Daughter gave away 4 Prizes and the neice of @agwithsprinkles got a Coconut Cute Outfit and a Highly desirable Our Generation Brand Cup Cake Baking Set. And Dani got a Isabelle Shirt and TrulyMe Doll Shirt from Hope-Faith. They Store Surprised each girl with a goodie bag also. We received a gift from LADL Fan Dani and it was suler outstanding it was a Vintage Original Holiday Outfit. I will send more photo's of Our event to Rhonda today to add to this story of Christmas Cheer. Merry Christmas.