Sunday, December 20, 2015

*Reader Photos* Addy Home from AG Hospital


My Daughter will scream when She comes home from school today. OUR ORIGINAL AMERICAN GIRL DOLL ADDY WALKER FROM 1993 IS HOME WITH A NEW SET OF EYES AND TIGHT LIMBS And perfectly clean. 


Doctor Mimi said She is perfect and still needs to rest for 1 week week in bed. We purchased her a new Dress last Friday at The American Girl Doll Place Houston Meet Up.  It is Her Very own Christmas Dress. So excited it is hard to express. 

Thank you to Cara at American Girl Doll Place Houston Houston for handling to process that allowed for Addy to receive a transplant of new Eyes. What a blessing. What a wonderful Christmas Story.

My American Girl Doll Place Houston Doll Hospital experience I rate a 100 for exceptional service and experience.


  1. So excited to Have Our Beautiful Addy Walker at home for Christmas

  2. So happy your doll is back home! She looks beautiful! Merry Christmas! ~ Maria B.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you were able to send Addy to the AG hospital and have her come back safe and sound. Melody really needs limb tightening, but I've been afraid to send her since so many changes have been made since 2000. Did you have to make any special arrangements with them?