Friday, December 4, 2015

*In Store Report* Nicole Kids Sets - AC Moore

Queen's Teasure sets sold as Nicole kids at ACMoore.

Perfect for Grace

School Days set

Sleepover set

This is what is in the Christmas set.

Fabulous set for $15

So cute on Maryellen.


  1. Wow fantastic sets, love the Christmas set, need to go to AC Moore tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. Be careful with the dress top it could stain. Diana

  2. Thanks, Diana. I will be careful with the dress. The smaller sets were $9.99 on sale from $12.99, the larger on sale from $19.99, they have a birthday set and gardening set as well. Madelon

  3. Wow, love these sets! Maryellen's dress looks amazing. Where did you get it?

  4. It came in the holiday set with the tray, mug,cookies and stocking for $14.99. Great deal, I think. Madelon

  5. And the large wooden box, too. Madelon

    1. OMG! Now I see it. I am not used to seeing all these items in one set. It is a good deal. A must have for the season I think.