Saturday, November 7, 2015

*REVIEW* Kingsgate Baby Allie with Puppy Gift Set


I found this cute doll at BJ'S Wholesale Club.  I have not seen this type, or brand of doll before, but she looked too cute to pass by. Her price was great too. The set was $14.99. 

The doll's body is cloth and stuffed. Her arms, hands and feet are plastic. But her head feels like the same material as AG Bitty Baby.  What made all the difference was what she came with. She has this adorable puppy and her outfit is so cute with an embroidered teddy bear face. 


The set also comes with a 2nd accessory piece like a sweater and bottle.  Very cute and affordable for anyone who is looking to buy a baby doll for the holidays.

 Thank you Ticia!

*Note: AA Allie and Caucasian Allie available.

  • Life-size 18" baby doll comes ready to cradle
  • Soft and cuddly with realistic eyes
  • Comes with plush puppy
  • Gift set includes extra outfit and baby bottle

    1. She is very pretty! Madelon

    2. Thanks. I like that the company makes a variety of dolls and clothing choices. She would also make a good starter doll for a younger girl due to her plushness and inexpensive price tag.