Saturday, November 21, 2015

*Opening* Souvenir from Paris

I was so touched to receive a special souvenir from Diana. She sent this package after she returned from Paris.

Inside the book, she made this sweet padded bed with comforter and pillow. Tucked inside is the sweetest, littlest bebe doll from French doll maker Petitecollin. How cute is the Santa hat???

Baby Petit Colin 4.73"/ 12 cm with curve legs. Made of polyethylene. Soft finish. Hand painted eyes. Painted hair. The matte skin is so velvety soft, very unlike any other doll I have owned.

All of the limbs move so the baby can lie down or sit up. The vinyl is squeezable soft too. Just precious!


Diana also made this beautiful Paris theme apron for an 18" doll. This is perfect for Grace. 

Thank you Diana for thinking of me and my dolls. I appreciate the card and these wonderful gifts so much!


  1. Oh, she is very cute and the packaging is soooo beautiful. This is such a pretty set. She will surely have a nice home in the states.