Friday, November 27, 2015

LADL - Q & A Video (Two Parts)

I finally had a chance to complete a Q&A video for all of the questions submitted.

Had to break it up into two separate videos......
Thanks to all LADL readers and to those who sent in questions.

This blog is for YOU!


  1. Have you heard the rumors of Addy retiring? What are your opinions?

  2. This was fun. I agree that Lea Clark sounds like Jess's story. But Jess was 2006 I think and so I guess that her story is new to girls just now getting into AG dolls.

    1. Jess is in 2006 and Lea is 2016...could that be something?

  3. Yeah! Thanks for making the videos and answering all those questions. You taking the time to answer and make a two parter means a lot. Plus, I can't wait to see if they really do come out with more Marie Grace face molds for future dolls. Also hope to see a 1920 doll in the near future.

  4. got rid of Derek? What will Paige do without him?