Monday, November 16, 2015

*In Store Report* NEW 18" Dolls - Justice

 Justice has a new line of 18" dolls $49.90 each. 

AA doll - Emma
Hispanic doll - Olivia
Caucasian doll- Isabella

There is another doll named Sophia as well, though no images online yet. I was told only SELECT stores will have the dolls in stock. (Larger cities) You can order on line!!

They're very cute and of course there is a selection of accessories to go along with the dolls.

The doll storage chest $49.90

A collection of pets with collar and clip-on leash. 6" long, 4" tall. Made by Gund. $9.99
Charlie - black and white Boston Terrier 

Callie Cat! Lucy Dog.

Pink tufted bed in the shape of a crown for your furry friend to sleep in style! $10.90

Aqua with purple polka dotted comfy bed for your furry friend to sleep in style! $10.90

Adorable pet sets....$6.90 each!


In time for the Dollidays - 18" doll pajama sets!!! 
$10.90 each


 See my review for Justice's pink velour tack suit.


  1. The penguin and snowflake pjs are so adorable! What a pity we don't have this line here:(

  2. The dolls are lovely. I wonder if Canadian Justice stores will carry them. We had the 18-inch outfits--but I've never seen the dolls.

  3. Crazy Nonna just added all these to Dollation if you want to check them out!

  4. I have found all variations of their own dolls (blond, auburn, hispanic & AA) this afternoon at one of Justice stores. They may have started carrying these for Christmas in stores. I am now awaiting for their sale/coupons.