Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grace's Bonbon Craft Pillow

American Girl Bonbon Craft Pillow comes in girl size, but I xerox each piece and reduced the size by 50-75% then I created a template for a doll size Bonbon pillow.

Materials that come inside kit can be xeroxed and reduced in size to make a template of each piece.

Grace gets a new outfit from Springfield collection, it is the perfect outfit for Grace to go shopping.

Grace goes shopping and finds the perfect souvenir in the window and runs in to get it.

It is a doll size Bonbon pillow.

Maryellen was spotted at the ice cream shop wearing the Bitty Baby top and the OG capri pants, they make a great outfit together.



  1. Hi Diana, I absolutely love Grace's outfit! May I ask where you got it and if you got it recently? I would definitely considering buying the same thing for my Grace. Thanks, Jenni Rose