Tuesday, October 27, 2015

*Review* Build-A-Bear Disney Princess Costumes

 No secret....I love Princesses! I wanted a Princess themed Dolloween.

Julie is perfect as Rapunzel! I found her $5 dress on ebay.  

This Disney Princess costume by Build a Bear required very little altering.

The dress velcros in back, and I LOVE the sleeve details! 


Rebecca makes a beautiful Belle.

Her dress is another BABW dress $5 from ebay.

Lucky for me, I found Ruthie's satin dress for .50c thrifty shopping!!!!

 I love the embroidered details on the bodice and the small pearl accents.


 I encourage you to try BABW costumes. If you can sew, wonderful! Worse case....you can always pin the costumes to fit for photos. A lot of young collectors would love to take heir doll along to fall events in matching costumes! This is an affordable alternative.


  1. BAB has such cute outfits. They have girl scout ones I have thought about buying since AG doesn't have them.

  2. Love the Belle costume!!!! I had wondered about altering Build a bear clothes. Sharon

  3. I love your princesses. Great job.

  4. I have a BAB Merida dress that the dollies love to share! BAB would make a fortune with a side line for "slim" animals/dolls.

  5. They look beautiful. Belle is especially lovely. Madelon

  6. I agree, Nonna. The new honey bear (sp?) looks slimmer, but the saleswoman told me the clothes are the same. Madelon