Thursday, October 8, 2015

*Review* Adora Cool Weather Outfit

My first Adora doll clothes purchase - Cool Weather 3. Hat, wool jacket, short knit vest, blouse, leggings and purse.  I purchased this six piece outfit on Zulily 50% off the website price of $29.99.

I like the modern feel to this look.

Buckle detail at wrist.

The blouse and jacket are a little hard to get on AG Chrissa.

Vest closes at shoulder.

 My favorite piece is the red wool jacket that button. Intentional rough edges on the collar.

I recommend this outfit. (The boots don't come with it.)


  1. This is a lovely outfit. Perfect for dolls this time of year. It seems snug on AG dolls, but perfect on OG. Hopefully this sale will come back around.

  2. Thanks, Ticia! I wish it was a little looser, too. Zulily is a great place to find doll clothes. It just takes a little longer for shipping. Madelon