Sunday, October 11, 2015

*Reader Photos* Thrifty Find - Cuteness!


Inspired by the thrifty finds on your blog, I found this doll at a local thrift store. Her wig looked cute, not cut, but a short haired wig. Her dress was very pretty and she looked to still be in good condition. 

Kit Kittredge is just one of my short haired dolls, so when I saw this one I thought why not add her to the collection. She was $7.99.

Here are some before and after shots. I put her in an Addy nightgown so she would have something to wear while I washed her clothes.

I also tried to see if she had a name. So this no name doll is now named Matilda.


  1. She is lovely. Is she a porcelain doll? Madelon

  2. Thank you. I believe she is porcelain bisque.

  3. I love porcelain dolls! I have a bunch! What a pretty doll!-SophiA

  4. Thank you. I had a total of two growing up. I need to see if they are still in my old room.