Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Maryellen and JLY#38 - Comparison


  1. Thanks for the comparison. I always liked #38 but never felt to buy her new/full price.
    Tough question to narrow it down to 5 dolls. All I can say for sure is Josefina would be number 1, and the rest would have to fight it out!!!

  2. Thanks for this comparison. I did buy #38 because I had wanted a doll with bangs and straight long hair. I got her right before she retired, knowing ME wold be released soon. I put her hair up as you did, to see how the hair differed. I probably won't get ME but I do like her thick wavy hair.

  3. Wow i never noticed how similar they are!! Its amazing!

  4. I would have liked some freckles on maryellen

  5. I would have liked freckles on ME also.

  6. 5 dolls?
    I'd pick Felicity, Samantha, Molly, Kit, and Maryellen.
    I also love Ruthie, Julie, Ivy, Kanani, & Elizabeth.

  7. Very nice comparison, I was wondering!! I don't have all of these yet, but my top 5 AG wound be: Rebecca, Josefina, #28, Samantha and Addy. :)

  8. Only 5! I don't think I could it.

  9. Thanks for the comparison - I was wondering, particularly as 61 and Mia have similarities too. I would have Elizabeth, Sonali, Kanani, Mia and McKenna. (Although I would miss Saige, Caroline and Marie-Grace.)

  10. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Me neither! I have 18 (soon to be 19) modern day 18 inch dolls (and about 10 vintage ones from the 70s), and I'm not about to give any of them up!

  11. Well, I don't have 5 dolls, but these are my favourite historical dolls in order:
    1. - Felicity
    2 - Addy
    3- Cecile
    4- Josephina
    5- Maryellen
    My favourite Truly Me dolls in order would be:
    1. - #61
    2. - #46
    3. - #58
    4. - #41
    5. - #33
    Hannah M.

  12. I just love this post!!!!!!!!!!! Melts Me!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Well I only have six ag dolls but since you said of any brand and I have a ton of dolls so, here are the five I would keep Sapphire(#49), Kanani, Elsa, Katniss, and Rapunzel meaning I would only have two ag dolls.

  14. That settles it, I have to get Maryellen. I am moving in two weeks and have a TON of packing and sorting to get through entirely on my own, and this would be a nice incentive to work hard.

    Her skating coat is way, way, WAY too cute.