Saturday, October 24, 2015

*In Store Report* Meeting Valerie Tripp - AGP Nashville

Valerie Tripp was at the store signing books!  I got Happy Birthday Josefina, Meet Kit, Meet Felicity, and Meet Molly signed!

There are about ten of Grace's Baking set currently in stock.

Here is the beautiful display for Grace's bistro set!  The spot where Grace's bakery used to be now has this setup plus her pastry cart.  The pastry cart has low inventory. I only saw about six pull off cards that you take to the register.

Grace's Sightseeing outfit is temporarily out of stock.  I'm not sure when or if they will get anymore in at this time.

Grace is hanging out with Maryellen at her diner.

This is Maryellen's display in Nashville. 

I really wish they still had Grace's bakery in stock, but this was still a cute setup!

I know the Nashville store is one of the smaller stores, but I was a bit concerned to see Rebecca crammed into this display.  She had only her bed display with her LE outfit other than this one.

Also Nashville doll shirts are $6 and girl sized ones are $14.  The souvenir accessories are on sale for $12.  

And before we left, Grace decided to take a picture with Samantha in the gazebo!
I bought Grace's movie, her baking outfit, Julie's sound accessories, the PWP outfit, and the Nashville shirts while I was there! 
-Maria S.


  1. Thank you for sharing your visit! Madelon

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this trip. I grew up reading Valerie's books, but what a treat that you had a chance to meet her. She even signed your books! Too bad Grace's collection is coming to an end to make way for the new doll in a couple of months she will be sold out. Her collection was my favorite. Thanks for letting us know about the baking set. This will be a favorite for upcoming holidays while cooking and baking will be on the agenda.

    1. I absolutely love her sets because they match the Our Generation wooden kitchen set I have!

  3. During the week, maybe Wednesday evening, Grace 18" doll status was 'No Longer Available'. In the morning that status changed. Feel so badly for those that might have been waiting to buy the bakery. I took a look at ebay prices. The asking price is $2,000 and up for for a couple.

  4. I am sorry to see grace's accessories running out before Christmas. I seen the bakery on eBay and some are 4000.00. Who would pay that!!!
    People tend to get greedy when something retires.