Sunday, September 27, 2015

Where's Willow? A Tribute - Poem

Where’s Willow?
Her mother is crying, missing her doll child, angry that someone betrayed her.
Worried that her rescue moppet has been stolen
or worse; hurt!
Sending smoke signals in the air, she asks over and over again:
“Where is she? Where is my beloved Willow?”
“Is she okay, are you okay? Please respond. Please, please respond to me!”

Meanwhile, with higher than normal temps in Alaska, our 49th state, A child sits quietly in the sun playing with a dark haired dolly.
“Don’t worry Willow, you can stay with me ‘cause Mommy says I can keep you.”

Ignoring the messages by land and by sea, the mother gazes lovingly at her offspring through the kitchen window.
“I will do anything for this child, give her anything she wants!”
“We have been waiting for this doll to arrive and now she is here – we will keep her forever!”
“WE now have this celebrated doll and no one can take her from us, or do anything about it!!”

A thunder bird flies over the graham cracker house, watching other carrion peck at the hard confection exterior.
While smoke billows from an open window, chanting rising in the air; closing up shop, she takes the sign from her window just as a rock shatters the silence.
‘Let the traveling doll go home - or else!’

“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?”
Not with little dolls heads, in raised beds of stolen dreams,
Oh No! Exclaim the doll folk, it can’t be so!
          -Shosy G  9/21/15


  1. Sad sad crying because of the brat who stole willow I am very sorry for your loss of willow

  2. Aww. Poor Willow. She must be so homesick. Isn't there something that can be done to bring her home? I was hoping to read that she been returned to you Rhonda. Can you contact someone in Alaska? It is stolen property. Well I am hopeful that she will find a way back to you in time for the holidays. Love the tribute.

  3. Hi Shosy, if you go to valley of sun doll show oct 3rd I would love to meet you.I will have a table next to AZ doll and toy museum.SR

    1. Yes, I am planning to go to the upcoming Doll Show - I love these! And I will look for your table - what is your name and what are you mainly selling? I am on the lookout for a re-born, but just looking for now ^_^. I need to sell some dolls at one of the shows one day soon - I am overflowing with them!! Fun! Take care ^_^

  4. Very nice, Shosy. You inspired me too...

    Willow in the wind,
    Will you come back again?
    For snips and snails and puppy dogs tails
    I cannot come back again.

    Willow in the air,
    This really isn't fair.
    It isn't fair to all my friends
    That they cannot see me again.

    Willow in my mind
    Strangers were so unkind.
    I miss you so but it seems I must go
    And hope we meet again.

    1. So lovely Nonna; art inspires. Thank you so much for sharing ^_^.

  5. Very heartfelt. Madelon

  6. Thanks for sharing Rhonda. I was hoping guilt would have set in by now.
    I wish I could do much more...
    But leave it to God - it is one of His things - again, I believe - to rest in Him.

  7. I can't believe this! I hope there is something you can do to get her back. Whoever this reason is must really have no life.

  8. Unfortunately beautiful poems are created to help people see the good and bad in nature. Man vs nature, man vs man and man vs self are just a few themes found in literature. Too bad the family that has Willow choose not to take this opportunity to apologize and return her.

  9. Oh, no! So very sad. I can understand the mom wanting to do anything for her child, but that's no reason to steal in this manner. The Broken Doll would have been able to help her daughter have a dolly friend. Even Toys for Tots. :(

    Yes, you are right to let it up to God. Maybe this is an extended stay; maybe not.

  10. I have to admit that I'm appaled at the amount of comments saying it's God's will and that you should do nothing. So if your wallet/car/pet gets stolen you just do nothing?

    That aside, there's one thing you should definitely do: print all the correspondence between you and the person who stole the doll, find Willow's photos of good quality and the outfit that you sent her in, find the post receipt for sending Willow etc, and contact the authorities. While the doll itself may not be valuable, it's the sentimental value that counts.
    Mind that - at that point - only legal course of action has any chance of bringing Willow back home. If you do nothing at all then she's lost.

    1. I don't think anyone means that nothing should be done but rather that they understand a legal remedy would be costly and probably not viable due to both distance and the limited monetary value of the theft which would be restricted to a local court. Even if judgment was found in favor of Rhonda, all that could be done is to progress the verdict to higher court (county level) for remediation. Once judgment in the higher court is processed then collections notices can be sent and eventually credit impact occurs but that it a long process and must be paid for the entire way by the person requesting the remedy. Even if the courts render judgment in favor of the injured party for costs, reimbursement could never happen plus only the court can determine if the defendant is liable for content by refusing payment which is almost impossible to get done.

      The monetary value of Willow is limited to expenses which could include the item cost and all mailing and maintence costs, anything else would be considered damages and is generally not quanitifiable in small claims courts.

    2. What a shame Nonna; I know we have talked a bit about the remedies for doing something about this before. But we know the law takes the stance of 'innocent until proven guilty', which is what we appreciate and take for granted do much in our country. However, in matters such as these, where the perpetrator is obviously at fault, the law stands on their side until they are 'convicted' and that takes time, money and energy. So the question remains; do you pursue something of this nature in order to prove a valid point, to yourself and to others? Or do you let it go and let consequences fall as they may? There are ramifications to both decisions I believe.
      Thank you for sharing your legal expertise ^_^.

  11. Rhonda, somehow I missed the post about Willow in August. I'm very sorry that someone out there thinks it's okay to keep your doll. I truly enjoyed seeing all the photos of Willow and all her travels. Heck, there were many times I wished I could go with her. I did some searching on eBay and found some other dolls that look similar to Willow and considered getting one for you, but I'm not sure how you feel about another doll that looks like her. While I'm very sad for you, I'm also thankful that you are a trusting, sweet, honest and lovely woman. It's so clear that you love the Lord and you treat others so nicely. I'm sad for the woman that kept the doll and pray that the Lord would convict her heart. As others have said, it's a poor example for her daughters and I have to wonder if she's willing to do something like this if she's an honest business woman. :/ Either way, I'm believing for the best outcome. I'm not sure what's next for LADL but I believe it's something good. Blessings to you and hugs from another doll fan.

  12. Oh beautiful poem!I am so disappointed that willow is gone!She was an amazing doll that inspired so many!I was almost crying when i first heard she was missing!Im so sorry!-Sophia

  13. So sad that she's gone...
    She's traveled more then I have!

    1. Thank you Bella. Willow is missed very much every day.