Saturday, September 5, 2015

*Review* Truly Me Entertainment Center

 Entertainment Center is wonderful with so much details.

Light-up screen.

Storage for screens.

Different screens.

Two DVD cases and two tiny DVDs.  Also DVD player opens and the tiny DVDs fit inside. So realistic!

All that comes with it. Notice the colors on the storage boxes it allows you to set different colors in your living room.

Cabinet doors have inside that is interchangeable to coordinate with the storage boxes.

Maryellen walks into a 2015 living and is amazed at the new TV.

Picking out the movies to watch.

Grace of course.

Awesome remote control, again so realistic.


  1. Really cute! I like the quality of that one.
    Diana, you more recommend Maryellen's Console or the TM television?


  2. Mia, It depends on how you want to play, if you are more of today's world and not vintage then the entertainment center is the best. If you like to play in yesterday's world then the console. They both have their place in history. For the entertainment center you can make more screens, by purchasing Apollo Plain Paper Copier Transparency film found at Office Depot, they come in sheets and you can print on them, then cut to fit the screen and you have new images that light up. I just got the console but I do not own a IPAD so I can not make movies, but I will see if I can make more images for the TV console. Diana

  3. Thanks for the review! Madelon

  4. Could you please tell me what the measurements are for the TV and the Entertainment Center? Thanks!

  5. I love that purple couch! Where did you get it?