Thursday, September 3, 2015

*Reader Photos* Fabulous 50s Poodle Skirts!

Jessica greets Maryellen in her pink poodle skirt outfit (made by me) and Maryellen is wearing her play outfit which is one of my favorites. She is holding her dachshund ska-doodle named after her first dog scooter.  She is also wearing the glasses that are part of the Maryellen crafts at the AG store.

A quick change into Maryellen's poodle skirt outfit.  Her shoes are very tight and there is no wiggle room with the thick socks. The girls are ready to go to the diner.

But wait look at Maryellen closer, she is wearing the ponytail holder that is the free gift with Maryellen's launch. It matches her outfit and then the head scarf that is included in her poodle shirt outfit can be used as the neck scarf.  Now they are ready to go.

Maggie also wants to go to the diner, she is wearing the OG poodle skirt outfit.  Is this the poodle skirt invasion?  In the 50's there were many variations of the poodle skirt, so we can have lots of creative fun.

Maryellen and Maggie could be cousins, but they do have differences.

Next stop to the diner we go......


  1. Too cute. I just figured out the scarf around the neck today a few minutes ago. Pretty nifty.

  2. The poodle skirt outfit turned out very well - Jessica looks so sweet in it!