Friday, September 4, 2015

*In Store Report* Update on Caroline's Collection - AGP Houston

Stopped by American Girl to get a Crinoline for Maryellen and wow it sure makes a difference in her dress. So, glad it was not sold out. I wanted to see if I could grab any Caroline items on sale that I had seen online but no such luck. Only a few Caroline dolls remain and a few of her books.

 See the photo without compared to the photo below with the crinoline and decide for yourself on Maryellen's skirt. I did come home and order what I could of Caroline's Collection from A/G online. I ordered an extra set of her Meet accessories and her top for girls. I hope to add her pretty Girls jacket and pants. I hated paying shipping. 


What remains from Caroline's collection is available online only until sold out. The stores are no longer carrying any of her clothing, accessories, etc. 


  1. Maxine, if you call and order from the store (because they do not have it) they will waive the shipping fee. I did this for Samantha's ice-cream parlor set when they were out of it at our store. Sharon

  2. Maxine, your little girl looks adorable, such a beautiful picture. Diana

  3. Maxine, wish you lived closer. You would be such a fun, like-minded person to "play" with. Love your reports and seeing how you nurture Hope Faith's love of dolls. Karen

  4. Where did you get the pearl earrings for Maryellen?

  5. You're using the basic crinoline for Maryellen correct? The same set used for Addie and NOLA?