Sunday, September 6, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As....Canada

Went to Wal-Mart in Ottawa last night and saw an explosion of new doll stuff--new dolls, outfits, accessories, craft sets and some of the big gift sets that were out in the US stores last holiday season. No Halloween outfits, however. 

The new dolls included a Baker, Spa Vacationer and Ice Skater, and then new versions of Party Planner, School Girl, Outdoors Girl, Ballerina and Hair Stylist. 

They also had the Dancer gift set (trunk with doll and multiple outfits) and the Holiday Baker set (doll with matching apron for the child and baking supplies). One thing that I have yet to see appear in our Canadian stores is the lil' dolls (soft-bodied little sister dolls all with lil' in their name--lil' birthday girl, lil' pyjama party girl, lil' puddle splasher...). 

The outfits all appeared to be summer stocks (bathing suits, garden dresses, pjs)--while there were some I hadn't seen before (a new soccer style, a new dance outfit), nothing fall-related. 

However, there were new fall boots (ice skates, winter boots, fringed moccasins, in addition to flower-printed high tops and some patent-leather Mary Janes and gold, see-through flats) and the fuzzy animal hats that they had in the US last year (fox, panda, zebra) and a series of accessories (2-pack sunglasses, headphones, purses, totes, clutches and backpacks). 

I got a handful of shoes and accessories. I imagine the new fall/winter clothes will appear soon! 

Playsets included the bed (nothing new there), horses (we already had that), the locker (I think I saw one last year!), a popstar guitar set (new version -different colours- than the one we had last year), a dog-grooming set (new), the snack stand (new for us!),  the doll tote bag (new), dog hat/sweater/leash set (new), a doll-car-seat carrier (new--seemed like it would be for one of the ill' dolls that aren't in stock), doll sleeping bag (new, bought it) and a crutch/cast set (by itself, no wheelchair). Also, they had one sad little plush dog left. He looked lonely sitting in the cardboard shelf by himself. 

Crafts set were definitely new to us this year as well. They had a design-your own t-shirt kit (stickers, markers and doll-sized tees) and a no-sew tutu set for child and doll so they can make their own matching skirts. They also has an MLA doll design sketch pad set. 

Missing from this store's shelves were the salon chair, the clip-on chair, the dog/umbrella set, the tent set and the wheelchair. These were toys that were usually well-stocked in all my area Wal-Marts last fall/spring. 

Here is the "Spa Vacationer" --only saw the blonde. Looks like she has polish on her nails! She comes with two little bottles of nail polish! 

New Schoolgirl: cute outfit--looks like a fox-print purse. Only saw the AA version. 

New Party Planner -- underwhelmed by her outfit as they offered a similar outfit in last year's winter selection. Only saw the blonde. 

Hiding behind the ballerinas was the New Baker doll -- has spatulas in the pocket of her apron. Only saw an ash blonde version. 

New Stylist -- scissors in pocket of apron. Only saw this platinum blonde version. 

Other new dolls--new ballerina (saw AA and platinum blonde--both with pink streak), new outdoor girl (only saw brunette) and Ice Skater (short, ash blonde). The ice skater has short, straight hair (only saw the blonde) but her outfit was a little blah. All grey and black. I would have liked to see her with mitts, earmuffs or a wooden hat.....

I was most excited by this! The snack stand! Had to buy it. Comes with all kinds of treats, a cash register, signs and menus.

More MLA Canada news...

I went online Walmart Canada to see if anything else is available that isn't yet on the shelves (still no Halloween costumes, but I did see the spa chair set available online). And, was delighted to see some clearance prices:

MLA fans in Canada, who missed the chance to get Winter Athlete or pink Ballerina, they are available online for $22 (that's over $10 off)! Also, they have a lot of the individual outfits that they were selling for $10 each last fall, now available for $7 for two outfits. Might be worth snatching up a few sets and some dolls for upcoming birthday parties or Christmas planning! 



  1. I like the new snack stand with the ice cream scoop!

  2. I looked carefully at the "snack cart" because of the issue another doll maker had with this item and infringement on copy right. My Life As changed the item from being a Snack Bakery Cart to an Ice Cream Shoppe, although they reused the box and did not change the name on the box. The previous cart was a bakery and it was pink now the item was changed to an Ice Cream Shoppe and it is purple. I love both sets and will get the Ice Cream shoppe near the near future. I did see a couple of new items for My Life As in the Walmart in Atlanta not listed above, post will come soon. Diana

  3. Yes, the snack cart was definitely ice-cream themed. Looks like there is a cake and some cupcakes included in the treats--but most are ice cream sundaes, floats and cones. The signage is also all ice cream-themed.

    Updated report: Went back this past weekend and saw a few more new things had been added to the shelves. The salon chair and flip chairs were back out. A purple bed this time! And--a snowboard/boots/helmet set for $10!