Tuesday, September 8, 2015

HTM - 1950s Rock n Roll Diner


I used foam board to hold the background. I usually use three-four, so what you see are two form boards covered with a (now discontinued) party nylon rock'n'roll banner I found at Big Lots.  The pink wall is wrapping paper on a foam board.

The floor is also foam board covered in
black and white checker print contact paper, (online). The juke box centerpiece was Big Lots, and it lights up.  


The high top table are pre-made wood pieces from Hobby Lobby.  

The snack stand is the AG snack cart without the top.  I found checker board images online then printed it onto an 8x10 sheet to wrap around the snack cart.  Next I taped downsized images found on the Internet. 

 The other decorations I googled and randomly taped to the cart and the plain pink wall. 

I also have a large Barbie collection and have the Coke 50's series, so I took pictures of the boxes and reduced them to put up as Coke posters. So I hope you like it.  It was fun and easy to do and is easy to tear down and reuse.  


  1. This is a very cute set. I like to create scenes with foam core, wrapping paper and "found" and repurposed items. Can you tell me the dimensions of the complete set?

  2. Linda, for most of my big scenes I use two form boards taped together, making the scene 40.5 wide and 30.5 high. I like to use the form boards standing up giving me the 30.5 height so that when I take wide shots, I can still get a full scene. Hope this helps. Diana

    1. Thanks, Diana. I have also used those sized boards, both horizontal and vertical. I am with you about the 30 inch height. 20 just isn't great for photos since dolls with shoes are almost as tall. Your scene is so cute!

  3. Looks like lots of fun! I have been trying to find flooring like that for awhile. Would love to recreate it. Madelon

  4. Nicely done! Thank you for sharing with us.