Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hair Comparison - Maryellen & Nellie & Samantha

Super duper shocked at the differences in hair color! Maryellen's is far more red than Nellie's.


Maryellen has a good wig, it lush and full like Samantha's.

I am very happy with Maryellen's hair color it is unique and catches the light so beautifully.

You can see the difference in the bangs as well.


  1. Maryellen's hair kind of looks like what Anne of Green Gables would be if she were an American Girl doll.(I say this without having seen Maryellen in person.)

  2. They are all beautiful dolls. I'm not crazy about Maryellen's bangs and think AG could of done better to reflect the time period. Since I grew up in the 50s I can well remember girls with bangs. That said, her red hair is pretty. But I'm crazy about Samantha and Nellie too. Great pictures of all of them.

  3. I found that the new Samantha hair is much darker hair then the old Samantha has anyone else noticed that?

  4. Samantha has undergone several changes since the original one from Pleasantdale. I have several Samantha's from the different stages including a white body Samantha so I can assure you hair color is just one of the changes, but they are all Samantha. Diana

  5. In her book, Maryellen cuts her own bangs badly on the first day of school. I think Grace has similar bangs, though.