Saturday, August 15, 2015

*TOUR* Modern Doll Living Spaces

After losing my modern doll room, I had to corral each doll in the historical room. I looked at the stuff (on the floor) and began to panic....

I knew I needed to put all the mods together in community living and typically my room allows for maximum three levels. I eliminated the idea of bedrooms, shared or separate, there isn't space. 

My friend Shelly gave me her unwanted refrigerator and I made a sink/stove combo out of foam core.

I found a clear soap dish as a stand in sink (no faucets). I am hoping to find real appliances quickly.

Living Room
I had a lot of pieces already that I could use in this room.

The living space has a bookcase and two chairs.

Roof top gazebo
This is where the dogs get fresh air, and the dolls can have a picnic.


  1. Wonderful!! My husband put up three new shelves and I still don't have enough space.

  2. Thanks for posting your modern doll room. Everything turned out great! I love your idea of eliminating bedrooms and having a roof top terrace. I may do the same thing. Since we moved & downsized a few years back, my doll stuff is scattered and/or stored in various rooms. We are remodeling some now, and when through a bedroom will be freed up for my doll room. Even with that, space is still limited and the historical dolls get top priority. I try to keep things streamlined and yet have room to grow/change. Guess we all face this challenge. I've followed your journey with much interest and appreciate you sharing your creative solutions. This blog is one I read nearly every day as it is so helpful and interesting. Thanks Rhonda!

    1. Please email photos of your project!
      Bedrooms can be a bit repetitive especially when people spend time in other rooms of the house conversing. It made sense to me to have community rooms.

  3. I'm glad you made a space for your modern dolls. Bedrooms do take up a lot of space. Our bedrooms take up 8 feet of space. I have been thinking of boxing up all of the beds and repurposing other pieces, so that we have room for other fun things. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, I just got "bored" with bedrooms LOL...

  4. Looking good! Madelon