Wednesday, August 12, 2015

*Review* OG Table for Two

I can not say this any better, this set is awesome. On a scale of 0 to 100, I give it a 99. 
The weight, quality and attention to detail is amazing. We have titled this our Bistro Set. It has two perfect chairs and I personally want a second set set just to have four chairs at my table. My daughter attended Table Manner Classes this Summer and I love seeing her set the table. It comes with silverware!

We are blessed to have a great collection of goodies to add to the table and play value. I love this set. I highly recommended this set. Perfect with Our Bakery/Patisserie made by Daddy or it can be a great lunch table in our school with two American Girl Doll hot lunch plates. 


  1. Looks like a great set-how much does it retail for?

  2. Maxine,

    I always enjoy your posts, especially with your adorable daughter. She is so photogenic. I'm due with my first daughter next month (have 2 sons) and I hope to share my love of dolls with her.

  3. The table reminds me of Julie's tulip table. I told myself I was going to resist buying this. In fact, I put it back on the shelf once already. But how fun it would be to supplement Mary Ellen's collection. Tulip tables may have spanned several generations but even if they didn't, it feels like it could go with her things.