Saturday, August 8, 2015

*Review* My Life As...Spa Chair Playset

I just bought the My Life As....Spa Chair Playset from Walmart for $29.99.  

I would love to have the American Girl one, but for this price, I am happy.

The playset includes: two fake bottles of nail polish that can open, but has no brush on the end of the stick, one foot spa with removable top, one spa towel wrap, one headband, an eye mask, spa chair and one lemonade.   

The doll can actually hold the glass of lemonade.The spa chair has a seat strap and moves from a seated position to a reclining position.  For the price, this is a nice set.  

My only concern was the wrap is hard to get on the doll, but does fits nicely when on.  I will probably unstitch one strap and sew on Velcro. 

This playset does not contain a sink, nor does it make sounds as the American Girl Spa set does.      

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  1. Thanks for the informative review! Madelon