Sunday, August 9, 2015

*Review* Journey Girl 2015 Holiday Giovanna from Italy


Giovanna came home immediately upon seeing her at Toys R Us. Still attached to box, but without the plastic cover, she is very well attached.

Giovanna close-up of her face, I think she is gorgeous and she comes with pierced ears and fancy earrings.

She comes with a protective white thin cardboard that allows the dress to look full and not stain her legs inside the box.  When the cardboard is removed you can see her legs never touched the dress.

She comes wearing panties and her dress has a slip which creates fullness even without the cardboard. Her shoes match her dress perfectly and they are not too big.

Her fur shawl can be removed, it has a small piece of Velcro that attaches both sides in the front.

A view from the back of her lovely wavy very light blonde hair.  The quality of the hair in JG dolls can be improved in my opinion, it still has a lot of nylon to it, but it is soft and can be brushed carefully.

Her face coloring is beautiful, and her lip color goes perfect with her dress.  It has a nice shimmering shine.  Her face mold looks to be unique. Notice her earrings, very nicely made.

Giovanna comes with a silver/grey evening hand held purse and a mask for the masquerade ball. 

Here is a full view of her ready for the ball.  Her jewelry is not a necklace, but a rhinestone bracelet.

Here are all three Holiday Girls, Giovanna, Jordanna, Mikaella.  I did not like Mikaella's dress so she is wearing the evening gown from 2014 which matches her eyes, which I think look like London Blue Topaz.

Close up of the three girls, totally different faces.

Another very similar girl is from the Espari collection Lily Ria, her body is the older version of JG, notice she is shorter. Her features are so different but yet so similar to the JG line, that she too gets to go to the ball.  She is also wearing one of the evening gowns from 2014.

A closer look of the face differences.

For those who keep boxes, here is the box in perfect condition after removing the doll very carefully. This packaging is extremely secure and if you want to keep the box an adult will need to open it.

Over all Giovanna is top quality, from her dress to her face paint and she is a match for Jordana who in my opinion is also extremely beautiful. I was lucky to use a 20% off coupon, because she arrived after the sale ended at Toys R Us.  She is a very welcomed addition to the Holiday JG collection.


  1. She's beautiful! I don't have any JG Dolls, but I like Jordana Giovanna. Were did Jordana come from? Is Giovanna from Italy?

    1. Hi here is the answer to your question:

      Jordana is from the Paris collection, Giovanna is the Italy collection and Mikaella was the London collection. from Diana

  2. I saw this doll and was curious about her hair and shoes. I think overall she is a striking doll to collect or at least display around Christmas. I was more curious about her shoes and hair more than anything else. I am sad to say that I do not care for the Journey Girl shoes, too much plasticity and not enough quality. However, the details on the doll and clothing are really cute and worth the money. The shoes for this doll do look a little better, but I wish they would match the quality of the dress. The dress looks so radiant, definitely stands up to the AG holiday dresses of the past couple of years. Not the quality that we all loved with Pleasant Company, but definitely looks like the Mattel branding.

  3. Giovanna is a lovely doll. Saw her when I was last at TRU and admired her then. Dressed in their fancy gowns they'll be the belles of the Ball! All of the doll's faces are pretty, with sweet expressions, but my favorite one is Makaella.

  4. She looks beautiful, Diana. Madelon

  5. What lovely Girls all dressed up for the Ball nice .