Friday, August 21, 2015

*Review* Disney Animator Collection Snow White

Snow White is my FAVORITE princess!!!!

Oh my - she is so cute! Just look at those eyes and that sweet face! She arrives with her satin plush companion a bluebird.

Of course animals everywhere love Snow White and these birds are no different. Her satin dress is trimmed in white eyelet. Her black rooted hair has factory curls in front and is pulled back with a red satin bow.

Snow White was the first Disney princess and she is an icon. 

I found these dwarfs at the Dollar General and they make perfect companions for her. The Disney Store sells seven dwarf squeeze toys, but these are garden statues and more sturdy. Unfortunately I don't have a complete set, I'm missing Dopey and Bashful. (Maybe they're still at the mine....)


  1. I agree with you about Snow White! She is adorable! I got her this last Christmas. Take her outside to do a photo shoot, and you'll find she's very photogenic!

  2. Snow White is my favorite Disney princess too! Hands down.

  3. Snow is my favorite. I have a Snow collection of several different Snow dolls. My first one is the little statue that came with my Snow White watch.