Sunday, August 16, 2015

*Reader Photos* Fun Princess Events!

Christmas 2014

 One of Hope's friends got Samantha for Christmas and the two had fun dressing in Frozen dresses for her friends Birthday Party in January of this year.

 On our way to another Frozen party.
Hope had two Lanie dolls. I got her one, the other was a gift. So, we gave one away to friend, but not before getting her hair done and Frozen Princess dress with pretty shoes.

Cinderella Birthday!


  1. Almost a year of Memories!!!!!!!!!!!!! It reminds Me, Girls really just want to have fun and share life with Friends and their Doll's. Make a fantastic memory out of some part of each Day.

  2. Maxine, can you adopt me as your other little girl? Hope seems to have such a fun time!!!!

    1. Linda I have 5 Kids. And 3 Grandsons. I don't know if I would be good with one more, believe me it so tough for me. I cry every day about Hope Faith Going off to Kindergarten on the 24. I need a lot of prayers from everyone. She had never been babysitter by anyone till last week. I let Her go the Universal Circus with Her God Mom while I waited down the street at Church. I had her (22 years) after my last Baby and it has all been a miracle from conception to this point