Sunday, August 30, 2015

*Reader Photos* Back Home from the AG Hospital

This doll leg fell off and I sent her to the AG hospital. It took a month, but she is back home.

She is back from the doll hospital and feeling retro!

They fixed her hair.

Wearing her AG hospital bracelet. 


  1. Awe, she is beautiful !!!!!
    Did American Girl style the hair, or by "fixing" it did you mean they replaced her head? I'm wondering, because I have a pre-Mattel JLY doll (blonde hair, bangs and blue eyes) who really needs a trip to the Doll Hospital for a new head (she is pale and rather green).... I've been kind of scared to send her in though, because I don't want the new Truly Me blonde hair/blue eye look-a-like!!

  2. OH my goodness, she looks so cute! What's her name?

  3. I took her off the shelf where she had been standing next to other American Girl dolls and her leg had fallen off! I was quite surprised. They put her leg back on and did a little restyling.

  4. She is a MyAG, but we didn't name her. It was a lesson for me. Once the leg became loose, I should have put her in a doll stand so her legs didn't need to support her. Madelon

  5. A month is a long time. I'm glad she is home.