Sunday, August 9, 2015

*In Store Report* OG, Bratz + More

While at Target buying my Retro items, I saw the new poseable doll Nahla in stock. She is so pretty!!!

There is a 1950s AA doll named Maeva. 

Several readers expressed interest in seeing some of these sets in detail and since I didn't purchase any, I tried to take close up photos.

OG Explorers Set. 

Round the Campfire.

There were several new items from other brands as well. Bratz has made a comeback! And they have all new fashion sets.


  1. I want the beautiful Gardner.

  2. I love the show Project mc2, and having a doll would be awesome.

  3. Finally OG has created a doll I find cute. Might have to pick her up 😀

  4. Does anyone have a poseable Our Generation doll? I would like to know what you think of her. How can you pose her? Pictures in different positions would be a great help in decision making!

  5. We bought Maeva. She is our first darker skinned doll. Love her!

  6. Do you know if Nahla's eyes are a different color from Maeva's? Other than that and the hairstyle they seem very similar.