Thursday, August 27, 2015

*In Store Report* Maryellen Launch - AGP DC

Madelon attended a preview of Maryellen's collection and has this report from AGP DC for us. In October there's a special store event - Maryellen's Swingin SOCK HOP!


Caroline's clothes for girls were still in stock.

Thank you Madelon!

 For those of you who visit THIS store, leave a comment below telling us what you bought from Maryellen's collection!


  1. Love the accessories but the prices are still high.

  2. I bought Maryellen, her poodle skirt outfit and the non-Maryellen Christmas backdrop ($12). I was so excited to be the winner of the preview party raffle-Maryellen's tv console! It is quite nice! Madelon

  3. I purchased Maryellen/book, her accessories, the poodle skirt outfit (doll), poodle dress for girls,
    her crinoline, and Grace's sightseeing outfit. In case anyone is wondering, the poodle dress for girls fabric is thick and high quality. We had an amazing time.

    1. Congrats! That's wonderful, enjoy Maryellen!

  4. Lucky you, Madelon! The TV console is adorable. I think Maryellen is very cute and I love her red hair and bangs. However, I wish she had short hair and pin curles which was the fashion I see in my mother's old pictures from that decade.