Sunday, August 2, 2015

*In Store Report* Journey Girls -TRU

Dana arrived with other new items at TRU, still no pets.

Two accessory packs:  school pack includes backpack, ruler, pencil, notebook, ipad and smart glasses also a school lunch pack includes: sandwich, strawberries, cupcakes, water bottle, napkins and lunch bag.

Two accessory packs:  Rain coat, umbrella and black boots (these black boots stain doll feet) also sports pack has tennis racket, soccer ball, bag, wrist bands, tennis ball, water bottle.

The girls model each accessory pack.


  1. Diana-did you pick up anything? Madelon

    1. Hi Madelon, yes I picked up the living room lounge set, two of the PJ sets, the skirt set with the pnk shoes and purse. I also got two of the accessories set the lunch box and th school backpack. The clothes fit the Gotz dolls very nicely. Diana

  2. Dana's outfit is cute! I like the lunch and school sets as well as the tennis set. JG has a new pet grooming set listed for pre-order on their website too. It's adorable. I haven't seen any of the things you listed here so THANK YOU FOR SHARING!