Thursday, August 13, 2015

*In Store Report* Joann's Fabrics & Crafts

I found the following at Joann's Fabric n Craft.  

American Girl Crafts now have new shoes which can be decorated.  The price is $14.99

American Girl Crafts Grace Pillow is now at the stores.  This looks to be a very nice craft activity. It costs $19.99.

AG Craft has a new easy Poncho.

AG Craft knitted cap to decorate. The cap already comes knitted. 

The Springfield collection has expanded with new outfits.  Their price has also increased.

Some new outfits, a new swimsuit is very colorful.

Footsie PJs and Panda outfit.

The orange tennis shoe craft came home and Isabelle was ready to start.

Inside the box comes a lot of materials to create small designs which get placed on the shoes using a button, no glue.

A booklet provides lots of ideas in creating the designs.

A closer look at the packs.  A sewing needle is used so the kits are for ages 8+.

The pink AG shoes are actually pink satin shoes, the tennis shoes are canvas and the shoes look like suede.  The shoes are AG quality although the AG logo is not on them.

I am sure we will see more as the holidays approach.


  1. Nice, hope those shoe sets make it into some sort of store in Canada.

  2. Thanks, Diana those look great. Also, Joann's offers discount coupons. Madelon

  3. I was just there are ours did not have those (need that Panda shirt!). Reminder - Joanne's takes competitors coupons (so you can take in an AC Moore or Micheals coupon!).