Saturday, August 29, 2015

*In Store Report* FREE Doll Ear Piercing Event - OG at Target

Hey guys! So I stopped into Target to get a report on the OG FREE doll ear piercing event!

You had a choice of two style of earrings. Pink stones or pink roses. Both were very cute!


They had loads of OG postcards and I grabbed one of each!!! 
Leave a comment below to let us know if you attended this event in your area!


  1. Did not attend the event. Our store is a class C store so I did not think they would honor the event. I wish that I had called the store to find out if they did. The earrings are very nice looking and I do have a doll that would be appropriate. Just called our Target to find out if I missed out. Sure enough they said they did not have the Ear piercing event.
    I thank you for keeping doll lovers informed of events and new items.

  2. Thanks for sharing this fun event. Did they have any new releases for sale? Madelon

  3. I didn't attend, but only because I don't have an OG doll.