Monday, August 10, 2015

*In Store Report* AGP Houston


I was at Houston Memorial City Mall twice last week and my husband was forced to go three times. Poor Daddy. The third trip was because on the first of two trips, I did not have American Girl Doll school supplies on my list of wants at all, only Miss Caroline. I refused to even look at anything that was not about Caroline. 

However on the second visit, while I was checking out with four blue Caroline coats, my sweet Personal Shopper Nancy, allowed me to share with her the exciting news that Hope Faith is going to Kindergarten and how that will change so much of our lives and American Girl Doll Store visits. I cried as I said to her she will not be at the store when the doors open on the 27th for the debut of Maryellen. For the last two years that is where you would find the three of us. (2013 new Bitty Baby collection and 2014 Beforever Launch). We got Samantha, a second Addy and an Addy to give away. We love both dolls dearly and had to have matching girl dresses. But, with school starting August 24th, it will be impossible to be at Maryellen's launch. It is heartbreaking. So, to make a long story shorter, we left with our many wonderful memories.

Then I realized there's no way Hope Faith can start Kindergarten without an American Girl Doll Backpack, Messenger Bag and Pencil bag. 

So back to the Store Daddy had to go. Later we found out Hope Faith's God-Mommy drove from another city for the same reason, our American Girl Doll has to have her School Supplies. So now she will have two sets for school. 

Hope's God-Mommy picked the Purple collection, we picked up the Turquoise. My Baby was waiting at the door for Her Daddy. I will stop here.........

P.S. We rate them 100 on the quality of their school supplies. Mother, God-Mother, Daddy and Daughter approved. 


  1. Can't wait to see My American Girl Doll on the 1st Day of School. We took all her school goodies out to have her name Monogrammed on them. I need to grab the American Girl Doll new Star Hoodie for once it gets cold. I am so excited that American can out with Girl school items this year to mark My Babies 1st year of school.

  2. Maxine- This is one of my favorite posts here on LADL. It really tugs at my heart. I work from home and my husband and I have a little girl. She started kindergarten in early August. This was a huge deal for me as we've been together daily since she was born. Some days I feel so lost, and though I have plenty to keep me busy it's just hard. She went to pre-k to last year but only a few times per week and only for a few hours each time. When our personal shopper told us earlier this summer about the event in August, my heart sank. I didn't end up going and regret that since I could've brought home some goodies for her. It would just be too hard to be there at AGP without my little munchkin. We've always had a blast together where ever we go, but one of our favorite things to do was visit the AGP. Back in 2012, we lived in Texas and went to the AGP in Memorial City, and since my mom lives near Houston, we get to visit now and again. It's nice to see a familiar place. :) These days we're in St. Louis, so we get to visit the local AGP when we have time. Thank you for sharing this post with Rhonda and all the readers, I feel like another mother, like me, understands where I'm coming from. Sure there are many mothers in the world that have sent their babies off to kindergarten for the first time, but probably not too many doll collectors. I always enjoy seeing the pics of you and your family here on LADL. God bless you, Maxine.

    1. I love getting to meet You on here!!!! You and I are so blessed to get the opportunity to parent Our Girls Our on way. I believe Motherhood is a blessing straight from God. I am so thank for the opportunity to mother My 6 Kids and 3 Grandson's. I love American Girl because it supports Girls so much. You have blessed My Day with Your Communication.

    2. Meant to say 5 Kids. Rushing all day. God bless. Talk with you soon