Monday, August 24, 2015

DIY Maryellen's Turquoise Sofa

Maryellen's Sofa Bed set is $150.00
It folds out to make a bed.

The depth ------> 12", the height (seat back) is 12".
I cut two boxes for the seat and the back to fit the doll while holding the doll in a seated position - marking on the boxes. Then taped them together.

The width <-----> across is 15", the depth of the seat cushion is 7". 

I stuffed the inside of the seat with extra cardboard to prevent warping. I cut two arm rests to size.

The next step is a bit detailed. You'll need to glue working from the bottom front - with fabric that's at least 1-inch wider than the boxes. Glue your fabric on top of the seat, begin pulling it taut, tucking the fabric under the front and along the sides making folds like you would a package. Finally gluing the top over the back of the seat.

Cover each arm rest with fabric then glue the arms to the sides.

You will need to make two throw pillows: a pink square pillow and a round yellow pillow. Maryellen's throw blanket is done in a chevron print using a melon, yellow, white and teal color palette. I had this purple towel on hand.

To make a fold out mattress:
 1. Measure a piece of foam board or cardboard to the width of your couch, cut the length 20".

2. Measure the seat height and cut three pieces of a paper towel tube for the legs supports. 

3. Glue two cut dowels at the lower corners and one in the center of the board. Add mattress and bedding.

Good luck!


  1. Really cute tutorial! I think I'll be buying AG's but if I weren't I'd make this.

  2. Wow nice job! I had to look at it twice to make sure it was not the one from AG. Diana

  3. Looks very cozy!

  4. Very nice. I can see this as a bed in the "blonde" color with bookcase headboard. Guess I need to look at my old pictures of my bedroom. Now I am inspired!

    1. My mom was married in 1950 and still uses her blonde bedroom set.

  5. Is this just 2 medium flat rate boxes?

  6. Great tutorial. Thank you for the instructions and tips.

  7. This is so adorable Rhonda! I love it! I have got to try to make this fro my dolls, it is just too fun. Thanks for the idea and re-sending the instructions ^_^

  8. Wow I will definitely be making one for my daughter for Christmas. I am getting her Maryellen and making her this.