Friday, July 3, 2015

Where's Willow? Lexington, VA (Day 2)

Today we took Willow to the Drive-in!

Jenna's dad runs a Drive-in called Hull's Drive-in! Tonight we are watching Inside Out and Tomorrowland under the stars! 

Willow got to see the projection room, she got to see how the movies are downloaded and started up. 

She also got to see our cool Inside Out popcorn tubs which are big enough for her to stand in! She loves the smell of the yummy popcorn popping! 

 This map is a map of the Drive-ins that are in Virginia and Maryland! 

Willow is sad that she won't be here next weekend when we show Minions but she was very happy to see Inside Out and Tomorrowland and got to see a Drive-in movie!

Willow got to see how the concession stand runs and help make some popcorn!  

She got to meet our cashier named Keely and watch the hot dogs on the roller and shared a hot dog with Jenna, with mustard of course! 


  1. Willow,
    They still have a Drive-In in my hometown of Johnstown, PA. They no longer have speakers, but instead the audio comes through your car radio. You got to do something that few people will ever get to experience.

  2. Great adventure. Madelon