Wednesday, July 8, 2015

*REVIEW* The Queen's Treasures Sewing Machine

The Queen's Treasures antique sewing machine is all wood and wood composite.  There are no moving parts except the treadle.  It does not really sew, but is a great prop!  I just love it! 

The drawers open and have a piece of wood to keep them from falling out.

It comes with a piece of cloth that I neglected to include with the pictures.  It also comes with wooden scissors that really open and close, but do not cut. The pin cushion is real and the strawberry actually has sand in it to sharpen needles (not included).  It comes with 3 wooden spools of thread and a tape measure and stool. I am so very glad that I purchased it!!

Samantha decided to sew so she pulled the sewing machine up to her window.  

She liked to look outside to see the birds singing as she sewed.  

Background is Samantha's Scenes and Settings. Samantha's dress is also from The Queen's Treasures

I highly recommend these items!


  1. Would love to own one. What type of wood do you think it looks like? Madelon

  2. Can't tell. It is very heavy. The Sticker on the bottom of the stool says This product contains composite wood that complies with Phase 2 of CA ATCM 93120 for formaldehyde.