Friday, July 31, 2015

*Review* OG RV Seeing You Camping Food Set

My modern dolls need FOOD (especially Samuel) and I finally found this set. It hasn't really been a regularly stocked item for a while.

I'm creating a community kitchen and living space for all eight dolls. Saige still has her casa, but when she visits the other dolls, there needs to be a go to place to meet with friends. 

This is a nice value for the price $16.99.

I am not too impressed with this set. Simply because I have seen etsy shops stocking quality handmade doll food. I already have similar plates and cups.

The cookware is cute, but I have similar quality iron cookware from the Dollar Tree.

The sandwiches are plastic triangles....they lack realistic detail to match the hot dog and hamburger. The PB&J jars do not have labels.

The food is "cute", but again I have seen better quality from etsy shops.

I have a lot of boxed food from a $5 set from the Dollar General. 
My over all impression of this set is again, a lot of pieces for the price, but the quality isn't consistent and I have found better quality and detailed food items on etsy.


  1. That is a pretty awesome set!

  2. I got this on sale on black Friday so my price point was different BUT I will say, this set is sturdy (aside from the paper boxes) and stands up to play well. Not all etsy food does. That's the major reason I got it.

  3. I love this set. I mix it with A/G items and it works well in a large collection of goodies. I could not be complete in my Doll Play World with My 5 year old without the goodies like this from Our Generation. Throw out what you do love in this set , I do. But there is lots to love in it IN My Opinion.

  4. Kids I care for love playing with the food and plates. They are younger, so it's great it's all plastic. I keep a close eye on the cardboard products, as the 4 yr old boy wants to open them.

  5. I bought this set to supplement the OG kitchen food. To help keep the cardboard boxes longer, I laminated them with clear packing tape and then taped them shut. Kiddo can't open them and they're standing up to hours of play. I LOVE the gallon jug of milk, burger, and hot dog!

  6. I bought this set recently from Smyths Toys, I live in the UK, it was on offer at £10.00 and I must say I'm impressed with the amount for the money, great play value.