Saturday, July 11, 2015

*Review* OG Retro Joy Doll

I recently purchased OG's retro Joy on sale. Although neither  the box nor the OG website say what era she was, I am guessing a ten year old in the Fifties.

I didn't realize that the plastic was sewn onto her hair to keep it laying flat. It was hard to remove the stitches.

The headband was attached to her scalp.

The dog doesn't know what to think.

I think she is a lovely doll once you get past the hair.

I really like the quality and style of the dress.

I plan to use many of the modern OG dresses as fifties dresses.

Stockings and shoes.

Very pretty doll!


  1. I put this dress on an ag blonde doll it looks great one of the best dresses og make

  2. Beautiful. Love her clothes.

  3. This is actually the only doll I have ever taken back to the store. I love her eyes and her hair together but I already had two OG redheads and she was the least favorite of the redheads to me.

  4. Seems AG isn't the only one with inaccuracies in their historicals. Are those full hose she is wearing? Not available in the 50s or 60s though maybe late 60s.

    Otherwise, gorgeous doll. Congratulations on adding her to your family.