Monday, July 13, 2015

*Review* Lydia's Party Dress + Accessories

A beautiful dress in the popular saque-back style of the 18th century, this silky green/blue dress falls gracefully from Lydia's shoulders to the floor and is trimmed with what was a very popular trim at the time - Chinese braid. A pearly white button completes the over dress. The curved finish on the sleeves are created using the traditional Georgian method of die cutting.  A white underskirt with an embroidery pattern is included.

This dress is more of a dusty sage green to me than a pale teal. I have photos with and without the flash so you can see it in different light.

 The perfect finishing touches to Lydia's Party dress ! The hat is made from silky blue/green fabric to match Lydia's Party Dress and is finished with a sweet bow, and ruffled trim. Lydia's party shoes are slim fitting fabric with a white sole, ideal for dancing in Georgian ballrooms...

Hidden slits in the skirt.

Beautiful attention to detail! I highly recommend this complete set for Lydia. Feminine and historically accurate!



  1. The more I see of this doll, the more I like her. She has a grown up beauty that the AG dolls don't have, and her serene expression is very soothing. Thank you for sharing all of this!