Monday, July 6, 2015

*Review* Lydia, Your Georgian Girl

July is Lydia month on LADL.

I have Lydia's entire collection here from A Girl for All Time for review and you're going to love all of the beautiful details.

Lydia Peyton is living in Boston, MA. 1760. She's dressed in a lovely buttercream yellow cotton dress in the popular robe a l'anglaise of the period. With a rose trimmed bodice and hat, patterned shoes, period underwear, socks and hat included.

The booklet contains photos and descriptions of her entire collection. Her novel is TBA in 2016.

Lydia's long, silky hair is all one length and darkest brown, almost black with highlights.

She has deep blue eyes and peach blushing on both her cheeks and lips. I have taken photos with flash as well so you can see the details in different lighting.

Her hat is held on her head with an elastic band.

She has a secret "slit compartment" in the skirt of her robe to access personal items such as money.

The cotton costume is very well made, with snap closures.


Her undergarments include: a slip, pantelettes and netted socks.

I love all of the unique details....the lace on her sleeve hem, the rosettes on the bodice and look at her hands! So life like.

Lydia has her own face mold, but all of the dolls from A Girl for All Time are related and share a family resemblance.

I recommend Lydia! She is yet another beauty from this unique doll brand. 



  1. I think she's my favorite of this brand of beautiful dolls. Thanks for showcasing her today.

  2. It's 2016 now, is her book available yet?