Sunday, July 26, 2015

*Review* Isaac Mizrahi Loves Mme Alexander Cutie Doll

Thanks to your post I had the opportunity to get the Isaac Mizrahi Loves Madame Alexander Cutie Doll.  She came in a beautiful box, but when I opened her I saw that her hair had a thick coating on it. It was some sort of spray that gave it a stiff feel. 

I was scared that the doll's hair was damaged and dry at first, but after a day or two of being out of the box, her hair loosened, no longer stiff and is nice and full.

Her outfit is really cute and her hair ribbon was removed by me because it did not seem to fit the quality of the doll. I replaced it with a white ribbon from Walmart. 

Her sweatshirt is removable with velcro in the back and her collar shirt is classic blue and white. It is very sweet with the polka dot skirt. The skirt is light weight, but I love the way it cinches at the waste. The sneakers are a plastic material, but really nice with silver, sparkly laces. 

Very modern and to top it off, the doll has Isaac Mizrahi sun glasses-perfect for those NY fashion shows. 

Overall she is a cute doll. This is my first Madame Alexander doll so she is very special in my collection.  She was  an amazing deal at 34.99.  I am just so thrilled, thank you for posting that deal! She will be a favorite of mine for years to come.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I am still a big fan of AG dolls, but it is nice to see other dolls and their collections too. This doll reminds me of the post that had all of the Got dolls prior to Pleasant Company. Thank you for always showcasing a wide variety of dolls on your blog.