Tuesday, July 28, 2015

*Opening* Marie Grace Skirt Set + Meet Outfit

Happy to have these outfits for historical Marie Grace. 

Marie Grace did not have her meet outfit and I found this complete set with her hat included!

And I have always been a fan of her blue skirt set.
Gorgeous!! And they can be worn separately too.

I actually got these for original price, no mark up and no shipping costs.


  1. Great find Rhonda!!! I had wanted to buy Marie Grace's meet dress and hat!

  2. Love Marie Grace. She is soooo beautiful. Love all of her Clothes.

  3. Great find!!! I want that skirt set really badly and hope to get it sometime.

  4. One of my grands has Marie Grace and so do I. My grand plays her as modern and I keep mine historical. We think she is lovely either way. I have the blue skirt set also and really like it. My Blaire (Grace Thomas) looks great in it as well. Maybe I missed some posts somewhere here, but is this doll dressed as historical the same one you had made modern Paige? Do you have two separate dolls?

    1. No, I don't have two separate dolls - this is my time traveler Marie Grace who you have seen before as Paige. She moves through time depending on my mood LOL

    2. LOL! Yeah, I'm doing that too with my Samantha Parkington. She's mostly a 1904 gal, wearing her original outfits and hanging out with Amelia (AGFAT). Sometimes she dons modern garb and a pair of glasses and becomes Freda, good friend of Blaire (Grace Thomas). I'm limited on space and have a budget, so I try to get as much mileage out of my largest dolls, the AGs. I also rehome dolls and accessories as my interests change - it keeps it viable.