Monday, July 20, 2015

*Opening* Gorgeous Armoire for Lydia!

I wasn't looking, but there it was! An afternoon of antiquing and $5.99 Lydia has a beautiful armoire for all of her accessories.

George III furniture have feet and this little piece does too. It doesn't sit flat on the surface. Lydia's story takes place 1760 which means there would still be a Rococo influence to furniture pieces that includes gilding and hand painted details.

The doors open up to house mirrors for primping.

 You know me, I enjoy putting doll rooms together so I can vignette special places to house my dolls.


  1. Lydia will love her new armoire! Great find!

  2. Wow! That is SOOO beautiful!


  3. That is just wonderful! Madelon

  4. Sweet find and price! Can't wait to see her room setting; I like all your room set-ups.

  5. Wow! Beautiful find for a pretty doll. That will be perfect for her and her time period. Can not wait to see her doll room.

  6. Gorgeous!! And I love her hats and outfits.