Saturday, July 18, 2015

*In Store Report* OG - Retro Cruiser + Outfits

 If you follow LADL on Instagram, you already know I was at Target! First time ever, they had ONE Retro Cruiser $89.99 in my store.


This all-plastic car is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!  Arrgghh!

All of the buttons work, the car horn plays songs....I managed to basically crawl inside this thing for a CLOSE UP view.

Love the detailed engine. The lights DO work (front and back).

Jump seat for pets....or groceries or surf get the idea.



Funny thing, I have two target stores and neither carry the same items. These were from my store south of town and it was STOCKED!

New dolls launching soon!

See the car in action---


  1. Especially love the retro outfits. Did you get any? Madelon

  2. First....
    I am extremely jealous! There is barely any new OG items at my target. ;( they have plenty of accessories but no outfits! I was just looking at those retro outfits on the computer today. Too cute!
    The retro car is on my Christmas list!
    May Lee is suuuuuuper cute! She's adorable and reminds me of one of my friends. ( I will probably end up getting her!) Nahla's outfit is pretty and she has a unique hair style. I love all her little curls! It will be cool to see an OG gardening doll.
    I don't know what to say about the last doll. Her hair.... I'm not a fan of all that color. I mean it's cool to have a hair chalk doll.... But I don't really like her. I wonder how you would get the chalk out her hair...
    Did you see the other new doll? Adrianna? I don't know how well glitter tattoos would be on dolls... :)

  3. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I REALLY want Red Letter Day and Dream On. The Ebay Target Store doesn't seem to have them. Now onto

  4. Woah, I've never loved OG face molds but May Lee is the CUTEST DOLL IN THE WORLD. I need her, now!

  5. May Lee is a must get and Nala. I have purchased 3 O/G Dolls in the past. I thought I loved them but stopped loving them after the clutter builds up, the they are the 1st thing to be given away. But I will try again. May Lee is so pretty she will not stay on the shelf. Nala I got to see in person.

  6. When do the dolls come out? I love Amya, but the link to target just goes to dolls, not Amya. Also I find it weird that they have an Anya, And now a Amya.

    1. Lots of A's this go around. And all the hairplay dolls are P's. Whoever does their naming has a cushy job, I guess.

  7. May Lee is my MUST HAVE doll this year and I will not rest til I find her! I hope they made ENOUGH. I cannot find any of the new stuff here in PA yet.

  8. Great post! The model on the package for the Red Letter Day outfit screams, "Jan Brady!" Too funny.

    I've noticed that almost all of the accessory sets come with glasses now. Honestly, not all their glasses work well or fit well, so it's kind of a turn off. Especially since the ones in the Flora Dora retro match Green Thumb (with the exception of the lens color).