Tuesday, July 28, 2015

*In Store Report* AGP Nashville

The AG Nashville was VERY busy but we received excellent customer service in the store as well as the bistro!  

Samantha and Grace has the most displays followed by Julie.  This was our first time seeing Samantha's Gazebo in person.  It is huge and beautiful.  Truly Me was a very busy section.  

The new Truly Me dress is actually much prettier in person and the fabric even feels a better quality than it looks.

We always love visiting the bistro. I highly recommend the giant banana split sundae or the brownie sundae (we got the brownie sundae)!  We had a lunch guest at the bistro as well.  We didn't travel with our dolls so we borrowed one.

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  1. That Sundae looks awesome! The bistro wasn't opened yet when I went.