Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Make Molly's School Lunch - Week 5 (Doll Food Series)

The Pleasant Company version had a paper sack lunch. Later AG sold a lunch box version. I have a review video.

This post is for a sack lunch.

  • 3x3" small butcher paper gift bag, handles removed
  • Craft foam sheets - yellow - thin; black and white - thick
  • White napkin
  • Stiff sponge
  • Sculpey clay, polymer clay or salt dough
  • Acrylic Paint - green, orange, white, tan
  • Faux pear
  • Leaf from silk plant
  • Glue
  1. Cut the napkin to doll size, leave the existing fold.
  2. Cut a sponge into a doll size sandwich, slice thickness in half.
  3. Paint the sponge white on both of the flat sides, let dry.
  4. Paint the four sides tan (crust), let dry.
  5. Cut a piece of yellow fun foam (cheese) to fit the bread.
  6. Assemble your sandwich with the yellow cheese slice and lettuce leaf.
  7. Roll two long snake pieces of clay or salt dough.
  8. Shape the tip of one snake thin - Carrot.
  9. Place a pencil on the other snake piece, make a groove - celery.
  10. Once the vegetables are baked, dry - paint them orange and green.
  11. See how to make the cookie HERE
  12. Dollar Stores and Craft stores have faux fruit.

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  1. Cute ideas. And I just saw a pencil case at either Walmart or Target that looks very similar to the lunchbox. It was smaller than some cases so it might work for a slightly oversized lunchbox.