Saturday, July 25, 2015

DIY - Georgian Colonial Open Hearth

AG Felicity Scenes & Settings

Georgian and Colonial kitchens weren't really kitchens at all. There were large rooms with shelves full of supplies, a large prep table and an open hearth. Baking and cooking on an open hearth was very time consuming and very dangerous because of the fire danger. On the colonial frontier a hearth also served as a heating source.

Lydia needs a hearth for cooking soups, stews and vegetables. There are many ways to make one depending on the skill level of the crafter.

I really love using brick print scrapbook paper, it's versatile and goes with any era. For a quick and easy brick or stone hearth, paper the interior of a over sized cereal box with brick or stone print paper. Using a chalk pastel or black crayon, shade the center both on the bottom and in the back to resemble soot.


By turning the box on it's side, you can elongate the hearth. Build in one corner an oven using the leftover thin cardboard.

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  1. I wish AG would have made this for Felicity or Caroline. These pictures are so neat!