Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Victorian Doll Show, Dresses for Samantha - Week 4

I attended a doll show and wanted to share some photos with you. These dresses are the kind Samantha might wear. They are very expensive, but gorgeous.

This Victorian 18 inch dress is $89.00.

The green dress is $245.00.

$115.00 antique lace dress.

This peach silk dress is $115.00. 

This dress is on sale for $69.50.

Tan linen Edwardian drop waist dress  $69.50.

I bought this outfit for $5 at the doll show.

I love the hat.

The colors resemble Samantha's duster.


  1. Such gorgeous dresses!

    - Ellie

  2. My Samantha is giving me the death glare. Poor Sammy, I'm too cheap to buy the American Girl outfits so she's stuck in her (adorable!!) meet outfit. XD

    1. Oh no, be careful. Those doll death glares can be fatal. Do not worry, AG may have a sale on Samantha items soon. Or at least before the holidays.

  3. Theses are beautiful dresses but sooooo high priced! Very pretty!

  4. I agree that they are very expensive. Madelon

  5. The dresses are all so beautiful! It made me sigh just to look at them. My favorite is the white antique lace dress - exquisite!